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About us

Starfisk is a software company that develops innovative technology in a changing economy. The (r)evolution into the digital society creates a shockwave of change that is often of a disruptive nature. To grasp the new opportunities – or to survive -, new market approaches and business models are required.

Are you ready for the digital economy?

Professionals and consumers look for a digital integrated working environment where processes, products and workflows simplify their work. The Starfisk team has years of experience in supporting and building such applications and communities. Starfisk developed and exploits a distribution platform for digital products and partnerships. Our mission is to organize the distribution of digital products by integrating transactions into streamlined workflows.

Our team

Starfisk has very experienced people on technical development , business development and consulting skills. We like to hear from you how we can help you in this changing society and how our technology can support your (new) business models.