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Our focus

Smartcasting you

We have entered a new context in which content, data, consumers or citizens, businesses and the physical world are connected through the internet. Digital Economy refers to an economy that is based on digital technologies. Starfisk wants to help you develop your digital economy.


Starfisk supports service providers

We can support you with the challenges to be succesfull in a global digital market place by transforming your products and services to fit the digital commerce model. Through our distribution platform and partner network we can provide new sales channels or find complementary partners.

Our partner management solution facilitates distributing your services through direct and indirect channels and provides a complete end-to-end back office solution.

Starfisk supports channels

We can help you to increase the value of your membership with tools that will support your members on their daily professional or domestic activities, integrated into their environment. These tools will create new funding streams by monitizing services internally to your members, externally to partner organizations or reselling third party services.

  • Managing your digital  partnerships 

    reselling agreements & cross channel partner management

  • Access and Identity management


  • D-Commerce

    organizational wallet, payment methods, financial statements, ERP integration

  • Analytics and Reporting 

    gathering customer data and analysing it

  • Digital Content Management

    document management and delivery, e-learning, …

  • Create new revenue streams


  • Monetize your community

    by offering new services