Commit e4ccaf8e authored by's avatar

faster single thread b64 splitter

Need to do:
1.  multi-tread zlib?
2.  decompressor back to mzml
parent 6d49ef64
# mscompress-pub.tester created by bathy at 9/23/2021
import mzml_reader as mzr
import mzml_splitter as mzs
mzml_file = r'K:\test\64bit_zlib_profile\fusion_20200116_qjl_YLD_19.mzML'
smzml_file = r'J:\mass_cloud\projects_folder\1000111\test\fusion_20200116_qjl_YLD_19.smzml'
......@@ -15,3 +16,7 @@ mzr.mzml_splitter(mzml_file)
# Re-generate mzML file
#mzr.mzml_decoder(smzml_file, bmass_file, bint_file, mzml_out)
# use the faster method
\ No newline at end of file
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